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My Wife


Proudly present :

Associate of Leuven Brochure snapshot


Without any doubt, here is Mrs Erin Priandini, MSc, from Semarang Indonesia. An inspiring mother for Saskia Ayuri Kamilia, hope that any achievement should be delivered to Indonesian futures. This snapshot is taken from brochure of Associate of  Leuven in September 2012. Erin Priandini took her master degree from KU Leuven University with Cum laude predicate. Now she comes back to Indonesia, combining roles as among mother of our beloved daughter, wife, and staff in Ministry of Public Works. The three jobs at the same time, congratulation :).


Proud of You

Your husband


2 thoughts on “My Wife

  1. Aamiin.. Thanks a lottt for your support n pray! Kelulusan ini kupersembahkan untuk mas Yudha, Mama, Papa en Saskia… Smg ilmunya dan pengalaman yg kudapat bisa bermanfaat, itu yang paling penting.

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