Paths and Passion

Walking down the streetwith a bunch of books and data in my laptop

today I  was just like continuing my life, what am I gonna do, what the exact path am gonna choose, its all like a rough sketch in canvas

Field that you are interested into its like a big yard place that you don’t know which one is yours

Money, passion, opportunities and real practical implementation, all are like disconnected. I still have to struggle also with what I called by idealism, While we are like still thinking about what are the path match with ours, some young generation, already pick and focus on their prosperous step. Many of them are already on steady path, at the level of clever or capable, but the more important thing is that they love what they do.

For the one that have already gain success at the same time gain their passion of doing their process of success, they are so smart and lucky, that is the thing that you would not find out through all the chapters in your subject books. That is the life vision, a noble thing and the biggest proud in my opinion.

Let me divert this writing a bit to several my colleges life vision and their perspective of success.

First is some one from India, she got financed for her study from her parents. As like as many India’s student, and refer to Indias student perspective, going to study abroad is like no way back to home until you get your career, money and settled in decent life. They do owes some money to the bank to get better education in states for instance, but that’s not the only reason going to states. The jobs, money are the biggest factors. I found many students from India, work really hard for finishing the schools and get the job after. They also do part time job in the weekend, cook by them selves and they have a really good in bound with their Indian friends. Even the ‘nicest’ thing is that they will do everything to get success. What their goals if they do their master is that after 1 year they will do internship in summer, when they get some experiences and like a channel to be employed later on easily by their former employer. They are thinking about harvesting investment that put on their education tuition.Making money as much as possible, and conquering their American dream.

My second friend, is from China,  She leave China to get better education, She was like get a bit push from her parents. Her parent said that she need to get the degree,This is not surprising since her parents came from career path of life, her mother is an anesthetists surgery expert and her father is a business man. From their parents perspective like a common parents think about success is that you need your degree in order to get success. Well in fact its almost perfect perspective even is not really true perspective since success is your degree of mind set of creating and getting your goals.As she did, she said that she already start a pioneer succes by having small coffee shops business. she actually had experiences on how difficult the customer,create some strategy to attract guest to come and pass by, and the important thing of business “make the money”. At some point this is what we call by success right?She was success to kept away fear of loss off from her mind, to put her effort on create startegies and get the profit. This is a true success, isn’t it? But I do understand what her parents mean by that having degree is the way to get the bigger success. since you will be employed multinational company with high salary and benefits attached on that label.



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