Paths and Passion(2)

Still with my Chinese friend stories. She has one sister which is rare situation in China to have brother or sister. You know that they have issues on controlling the population while also trying to alleviate their economic level. One of the law is that having more than one child is prohibited, You will get punishment from the government if that is occur in your case. This law is really effective to control the population in China. Incorporating this strategies with low rates of labor wages, China has been becoming world product industries, every product you see is branded on Chinese’ made, and their economic is getting better.thus the economic condition has been becoming better and better, many Chinese parents send their child pursuing higher degree in developed country such as US and Europe.

Back to the first topic about having child in China, my friend’s parents took this risk. What kind of punishment that they got at that time? Long before they decide to break the rule, they have a good career in government. They got many companies or coworker relations, but after they have the second child, they have to pay a lot for this, their career and their coworker are become sacrifices. they have to pay the fines and start everything from the beginning like they have to do their own business. We see from this story that between the law and application is very aligned, the government also has a very strong power to affect all the sector. They have a strong affection since they have a strict regulation that every body has no immunity.


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