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Chicago, The Windy City

My Plane was just landing, soon after, I grabbed my cabin luggage, going through crowded people, to find where the blue line. After going back and forth, I found concourse tunnel with a long walkway and colorful sparkly lighting. Thought that it was on purpose of having a special event, later not to be. Blue Line, a train going from O’Hare Intl’ Airport run through the heart city of Chicago, is one of over 6 other color line connecting different part of the city.

Terminal in O’Hare Intl Airport
Concourse to other terminal

40 minutes later, I was already at the Jackson red and turn to other line to Chicago red.   Not as fast as other subway in other city, has issue during rush hour but it is reliable in time.

City View of Chicago from many side :

Sunset view from Navy Pier
Night vision from the bridge right close to Buckingham Fountain
River right accross the city of Chicago
City view from Willis Tower( was Sears Tower)

What this city has on their city scape? Here are the list :

1. Skydeck on Willis Tower- was Sears Tower

Sit on the glass deck, no seen of any steel or concrete structure hold on the glass but it does the perfect stucture so far

2. John Hancock- these two building are the highest skyscraper in the US

one of the tallest skyscraper in US, has the luxurious restaurant at 95 th floor while you can see city view from the top

3. Millenium Park – where you can find the bean, the water fountain, the Chicago Art Institute with the bridge

The Bean actually an architectural shape mimicking the bean shape, made by stainless but having reflector surface thus you can see tower view at Bean
just like a high wall, water coming down from the top of the wall, the bottom is not like basin except just flat thus people do put of their shoes and wash their feet with the water, specially kids.
Nice institute that you can find Picaso collection, only if you have money to pay the tickets since the price is quite high

4. The Buckingham Fountain- I guess it is resembling the real Buckingham palace fountain.

Right in between Navy Pier and Adler - Shed Planetarium -Aquarium
Right in between Navy Pier and Adler – Shed Planetarium -Aquarium

5. The Navy Pier, nice yachts, the city scape seen really beautiful ultimately on night vision,

at Navy Pier with city view of Chicago
@ NAvy Pier Gate

6. Chicago Theater, that I coincidentally got free ticket to come in. It was a concert of Rock music performed by Paramore- who are they? I even know nothing before 🙂



7. The Adler and Shed close to Belmont, that little bit cloudy in that evening


8. Lincoln Park the zoo, that in the windy and cold, I tried to visit the place and taking some picture in between.


WP_20130510_0119. Nice facilities found in Chicago

100_0852 100_0894 100_0905 100_0828 100_0940

10. Food : the Garret Popcorn cheese and Caramel, The fried rice with beef and Vegetables, Salmon Fish, Fried Noddle.


11. The Agenda of Chicago visits from meeting at conference of ISSP- International Society of Sustainability Practitioner, Indonesian Consulate at Chicago, meeting with Athif- Mas Doni & Mbak Yuni son at Northwestern University

at Northwestern University , Chicago
with Athif
Dinner with Pak Timotheous Lesmana and Hendanta from Indonesia
@ conference issp @kNICKERBOCKER


2 thoughts on “Chicago, The Windy City

  1. woww, metropolitan banget yak.. banyak gedung2 dengan arsitekur modern.. itu yang kamu jongkok di atas kaca pemandangan bawahnya asli? tinggi bener.. aku bisa gemetaran tuh.. kalau gempa terus pecah begimane?

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