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Washington, The Capital

Re-Entry workshop, is what makes me coming up to Washington DC, not to far from Pittsburgh, since you really need only 5 hours by car or 1 hour and half by plane. The plane touched down at Ronald Reagen Airport 11 o’clock sharply, not wasting time, I run out to find the metro station where I met guys of USAID scholars then flash to the heart of Washington city, no wonder, I was hungry.

I found the rail for the metro of the Ronald Reagen Airport :


It was windy but warm enough to walk through the way to some interesting places. I put my bag on hotel and grabbed jacket if it was getting cold. The hotel is nice, even it was really expensive that for internet line I have to pay additional charge on my own since my sponsor only cover my hotel rate for 1 night.


I called my friends, asked them to hang out showing some interesting places in DC. The distance from hotel to the places was quite long, we were thinking on rent bike but we were not happy with the bike rates so walking was the only solution.Image

We don’t want to tell you about Segway, it even worse for our pocket 😀


My friends and I then took a walk all the way to places. Green of leaves, cherry blossom, street names with many constitution terms, unique and massive building as reflecting the original architecture of the government building in the past.ImageImage


Some of the places having the hero symbol of like the father of the country as I saw many of their statue spread all over the cityImage

Among those that I visit, I think you all will agree that the most of must see places will be write down below :

1. The White House


2. The Lincoln Memorial


3. and the National Monument and the Reflection PondImage

4. The Capitol, I miss to take a picture of it.

5. The cherry Blossom and Tulips



The next day, I was following the re-entry program workshop, trying to reflect the study impact and planning after graduation in order to render all knowledge bring up from schools in the US. I was presenting my plan and here is the picture.Image

At the end of the workshop all of the IIE and Prestasi -USAID scholar take pictures.


But that is not the end, all of us, – the scholars, run for souvenirs that we found that very cheap. It was located at the perimeter of the city. and everyone turned to be crazy shopping suddenly.



3 thoughts on “Washington, The Capital

  1. wuih.. ada tulip juga yak di sana?.. luas2 dan lebar ya area terbukanya dan jalan2nya.. lumayan capek juga kalau mesti banyak jalan kaki ke mana2.. itu kendaraan apa yang roda dua terus orangnya berdiri? boleh melaju di jalan raya bebas gitu? gak di jalur khusus kayak jalur sepeda di europe?

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